The Hagar Workshop



 Biblical Insights for Healing Relational Hurts from the Past




Sometimes we need more than time

to help us move into the future



Through encounters with biblical narratives, this retreat-oriented workshop is designed to help members of a church to receive new perspectives and inspiration for healing their own personal hurts from past relationships. The intention of this workshop is not to engage the actual history of conflicts within a church community, but rather to help members engage their own stories of interpersonal conflict where there was a lack of good closure or good communication. This would apply to relationships both inside and outside the church community. Emphasis is placed on what individuals can do to move on with their own healing within the context of their spiritual formation, but attention is also put on what a community of believers can do to support each other’s journeys of healing and formation, and even to develop corporate practices of reconciliation.

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This workshop will combine a variety of presentation styles and interactive learning components, including PowerPoint, lecturing, group discussion, reading and reflection time, solo journaling, exercises in pairs and small groups, and time for questions. A strong emphasis is on identifying our own personal stories within the contours of biblical stories.

  6 to 8 hours


Segment One    (1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Navigating Unhealed Conflicts
  • Hagar’s Story: Entangled Relationships
  • Wounding Out of Our Woundedness
  • Our Stories of Hurt and Healing

Break Time

Segment Two  (1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Sources of Help, Signs of Humility
  • Hagar’s Story: Healing in the Wilderness
  • Empathy and Forgiveness
  • Our Stories of Help and Humility

Hagar and Ishm

Lunch Time (if applicable)

Segment Three  (1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Group Conflict Among the Philippians
  • Paul’s Story of Transcendence
  • The Master Story Letting Go and Letting God
  • Practicing the Mind of Christ in Conflicts

Break Time

Segment Four  (1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Communication Skills for Unity
  • Jesus: Weaving Healing and Formation
  • Loving Ourselves, Loving Others
  • Moving Forward in Life By Faith

Closing Circle Time



  • Handouts are provided by workshop leader
  • Small notebooks or journals for each participant are requested
  • PowerPoint projector and screen are requested
  • Chalkboard, whiteboard or flip-chart is requested
  • Minimum participant size: 12
  • Maximum participant size: 60


Hour Length Options:

Option A: Saturday 8 to 12 / lunch / 1 to 5  (8 hours)

Option B: Saturday 9 to 12 / lunch / 1 to 4  (6 hours)

Option C: Friday eve 6 PM to 8 PM / plus Option A or B

Option D: you design your own time-frame for 6 to 10 hours with segments no less than 2 hours

Option E: Sunday sermon preaching on relational healing, and/or Sunday class presentation on agreed topic  (added to workshop)

In general, all options can be discussed ahead of time and tailored to fit the needs of a given situation. At that time, an agreed fee amount can be settled.



$600 to $800 (with $100 per additional hour or presentation)

Travel costs may apply and would be separate from the fee.