Restorative Church Website is Launched

The Restorative Church website is now operational, and you are invited to spend some time browsing the new web-pages. This project, at my instigation, has been incubating for several years in collaboration with others who want to see greater conversation between stakeholders in Restorative Justice, Restorative Theology, and Restorative Practices for church communities.

I recognize that my blog postings on biblical narratives and restorative themes have lagged for some time. My hope is that similar writings will now be channeled through the Restorative Church site, thus, if you are interested in receiving similar content, yet also broader content with respect to missional and communal expressions of church-based peacemaking, please SIGN UP on the middle of the homepage for a monthly email update.

Also, I invite you to consider giving a financial donation to this new project to help build up its capacity with more resources. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.


A Short Reflection

We are facing new challenges these days that require greater attention to how we understand peace and justice. Indeed, the phrase “No Justice, No Peace!” captures a deep sentiment of the injustices in our world that show how history will keep repeating itself until people in societies can transform the ways in which they live together. We all long for the day when “righteousness/justice and peace/shalom kiss each other” (Psalm 85:10).

A biblical perspective on peace and justice will always emphasize their symbiotic relationship with each other. In other words, they inform each other. Justice processes are informed by peaceful means if peaceful ends are to be achieved. And the nature of peace is informed by the establishment or restoration of just relationships. As the British are apt to say, these redemptive processes are about “putting things to rights.”

Our communication choices play a role in gluing together justice and peace. We read in Colossians 4:6, “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt.” We find an echo of this in Mark 9:50, “Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.” This blend of salty truth-telling with bridge-building love (charis) can provide a simple, yet powerful framework for how we both navigate and facilitate hard but healing conversations in a divisive world. It all comes together in one word: trust.

My prayer for you all is that you find grounding in the insights of a Restorative Bible that prizes relationships above all else. As God is “with us” in profound ways to help us grow, may we too be “with others” in ways that motivate the best of them to find new growth.

Again, if you want more Restorative Bible writings from me, please make sure you get your email signed into the Restorative Church website system, since that is where I am now shifting my time and energies.

peace and strength to you all,

Ted Lewis

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