Church Conflict Resource Links

Resource Centers


The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (Chicago)

Richard Blackburn, Executive Director and Lead Trainer

See Workshops for Church Groups  and Clergy Clinics


The Alban Institute (Duke University)

Alban helps church leaders connect and learn from one another by sharing practical wisdom, stories of thriving congregations, and transformational models of ministry.

For a list of writings and books on church conflict, click here for blog entries, and click here for new articles.


The Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution (Abilene Christian University)

A good source of additional resources.


Presbyterian Church Resource Page on Church Conflict and Negotiation

Includes downloadable PDFs for group exercises that include spiritual and liturgical frameworks.


Healthy Congregations (Columbus, Ohio)

A variety of services with a family systems approach.


Peacemaker Ministries (Colorado Springs)

For a webpage filled with personal peacemaking articles, click here.


Peter Steinke (Minnesota-based pioneer in church mediation work)

A congregational systems consultant and ordained Lutheran (ELCA) pastor.

For a list of his books, click here.

For a list of his Christian Century articles, click here.