Jacob and Grounding (Part 5)

Jacob and Esau finally meet! And having been apart from each other for over two decades, they weep together. Previous segments in this series showed how successive scenes in the Jacob story were building up to this encounter. Working things out with Laban and wrestling with the angel can almost be viewed as rehearsals. The […]

Jacob and Grounding (Part 4)

Having resolved matters with Laban in the land of Gilead, Jacob continued on his way toward the Jordan River. He is no longer running from anything; to the contrary, he is returning to his homeland and directly seeking out communications with his brother Esau. His location, in light of later biblical narratives, is significant. This […]

Jacob and Grounding (Part 2)

The friction that built up between Jacob and Esau represents the sibling rivalry that we see scattered throughout the book of Genesis. Many religious people today interpret these rivalry texts as an explanation for ongoing tensions in the Middle East as if descendant people groups are fated to clash with each other for all times. […]

Jacob and Grounding (Part 1)

This new series will tie together a number of themes from the previous four series which alternated back and forth from Hebrew to Christian scriptures. The main theme in this series is grounding. Just as loose electricity needs to get grounded out in order to prevent any harm, so it is with conflicts that sustain […]