Articles by Ted Lewis


A. Articles Published in The Mennonite (magazine) on Conflict and Communication


1. Philemon and Forgiveness (Sept 22, 2016)

This article shows Paul as a mediator, serving two people separated by a conflict. Paul maintains a positive outlook and works within the ‘heart zone’ to bring about reconciliation.


2. Cycles of Violence, Cycles of Virtue (May 24, 2015)

This article discusses the cycles of violence that mark the Book of Judges, along with the counterpoint of a cycle of virtue or kindness found in the book of Ruth.


3. Wounded and Wounding Words (May 1, 2014)

This article explores how all of us have inner victims and inner offenders, and how true forgiveness heals both our wounding of others and our wounds from others.


4. Mulling and Murmuring (Dec 1, 2013)

This article considers the parallels between internal mulling and social murmuring and presents some biblical antidotes for transcending the chronic hold on us.


5.  The Power of Apology (Nov 1, 2011)

This article explores the anatomy of genuine apology and shows how it brings both inner unity within a person and relational unity between persons.


6. True Evangelical Faith (July 7, 2009)

This article builds on Menno Simon’s list of how true faith is expressed, unifying both personal and social dimensions of spirituality that make formation foremostly a relational matter.


7. The Four Renderings (Aug 1, 2008)

This article uses the Abigail story in 1 Samuel to discuss returning Evil for Good, Evil for Evil, Good for Good, and Good for Evil.  It takes moral imagination to do the last one.


8. God’s Communication Style is Kenotic (Nov 7, 2008)

This article applies Paul’s phrase about Christ emptying himself (kenosis) to styles of verbal communication that are servanthood-oriented and non-defensive.

What is Kenotic Communication?  For a more in-depth understanding of Kenotic Communication introduced in the article above, clic here.


9. Restorative Justice: It’s All About Connections (Jan. 2020)  page 14

Restorative Justice tM article Lewis  for a PDF version   This article provides a simple introduction to restorative justice within the context of facilitated victim offender dialogue, and also presents biblical themes that align with a restorative approach.


B. Other Writings by Ted Lewis on Conflict and Communication Topics

Restorative Justice: Returning Good for Evil (Plough Magazine, Winter 2016, Mercy edition)

This is a good introduction to restorative justice with some theological touch points.

Responding to Conflict with the Mind of Christ (a worksheet for a class session)

This handout takes the relational virtues in Paul’s epistles as being at the heart of our individual journeys to mature in the context of addressing our persistent conflicts with other people. It also explores the nature of conflict through biblical examples and addresses negative and positive ways to respond to conflict, ending with some practical communication skills for serving others in the way we talk and listen.  PDF of Worksheet



C. Additional Writings by Ted Lewis


Radix Magazine  Advent edition 2020 (poetry and article by Ted Lewis)


Technicity as False Ascendancy: A Review of Jacques Ellul‘s Treatment of the Tower of Babel Narrative (July 2012)

Ellul’s concept of ‘technological totalitarianism’ can be understood in this study that contrasts the upward socio-spiritual forces of Babel with the downward-oriented, non-forceful revelation of God.  Link to article


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