About Ted Lewis

Restorative Trainer, Educator, Mediator and Consultant



Since the mid-90’s my main work has been in the fields of restorative justice and conflict resolution, mostly in the nonprofit sector. This includes program and case management, mediation, training, teaching, and working as an executive director. As a practitioner, I have served offenders and victims of crime, parties in dispute, and church communities.


I serve Restorative Justice Programs and Church Communities by:

  • Creating and leading trainings
  • Teaching courses and workshops
  • Consulting with program managers
  • Writing manuals and articles
  • Facilitating healing and resolution processes

My current primary work, as a Communications Consultant and Trainer (since 2013), is with…

The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, University of Minnesota

with Dr. Mark Umbreit; www.cehd.umn.edu/ssw/rjp/

I also serve on the executive board for the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ)


On the side I am a part-time Aquisitions Editor for Wipf & Stock Publishers

Eugene, Oregon; www.wipfandstock.com

In 2016 I founded the Agape Peace Center in Duluth, MN, a center for peace education and the preservation of the Anabaptist heritage. This center, located in First Presbyterian Church of Duluth, also houses the G. W. Carlson Peace Library.


  • University of Minnesota UMD, Duluth, MN – Adjunct Professor, Restorative Justice course (2014)
  • Barron County Restorative Justice Programs, Rice Lake, WI – Executive Director for a non-profit with multiple programs (2009-2013) www.bcrjp.org/
  • Center for Dialogue and Resolution (formerly Community Mediation Services) Eugene, OR – Program Manager for Restorative Justice and Mediation programs (2000-2009)
  • Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference, OR and WA – contracted to do mediation work for churches (2004-2008)
  • VORP of Central Kansas (Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) Great Bend, KS – Program Coordinator (1996-2000)

Since 1997 I have conducted numerous 1 to 2 day trainings in restorative justice and victim offender conferencing on an annual basis. Currently this is through the Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking.

  • MA in Religious Studies (University of Minnesota, 1991)
  • BA in Theology and Biblical Studies (Bethel College, 1983)

While I have a deep respect and appreciation for other religious and spiritual traditions, my identity as a Christian is central to all of my thinking and work. The concept of story is very important to me. Stories are powerful in resolution and healing processes. I see God as preferring to use narrative forms to communicate to all people, and this has fullest and clearest expression in the narrative of Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection. As I and others engage the challenges of life, the invitation is there to align our stories with this Master Story which resonates with many other traditions. Central to this story is how something good can be transformed out of something bad in the context of relational restoration. These are major aspects of restorative processes.

My main religious affiliation is with the Mennonite Church USA. I owe that tradition my gratitude for leading me into my vocation of conflict resolution and peacemaking work.


Ted Lewis

6104 E. Superior St.

Duluth, MN 55804




collage artwork, gardening, rock balancing, reading, walking